Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) would like to warmly congratulate the people of Bougainville, the BRC and the ABG on the successful completion of an historic referendum vote.

“The referendum process has taken a great deal of meticulous planning, commitment and cooperation between the ABG, BRC, and communities across Bougainville. As a result, the region has put on a wonderful display of peace and unity throughout the voting period, and that is something to be truly proud of and thankful for,” said BCL Chairman Sir Melchior Togolo.

Bougainville Copper is a proudly PNG and Bougainvillean company with a predominantly local team on the ground.

“The BCL board and its staff remain committed to continuing our positive working relationships with the people of Bougainville as they look ahead with a sense of renewed hope and optimism,” Mr Togolo said.

The results of the referendum vote was announced 11th December 2019 in Hutjena by BRC Chair Bertie Ahern. 98% of people (176,928 people) voted for independence and less than 2% (3,043 people) voted to remain as part of Papua New Guinea but with “greater autonomy”. There were 1,096 informal ballots.