Building trust and deeper community relationships within Bougainville are central to the approach being taken by BCL.
2017 marked our full-time return to Bougainville when we opened an office in Buka and appointed Ephraim Eminoni (pictured left) to manage our local team.
Ephraim is a respected figure in Bougainville and before joining BCL he was an adviser to the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) and also served as Acting Secretary of the Department of Police and Corrections in 2015.
Community engagement specialist Ezekiel Burain (pictured right) also joined the team as a senior project officer. Ezekiel has extensive experience in Bougainville and previously worked with the Office of Panguna Negotiations and the ABG Department of Mining.
Myra Teinati (centre) has been with BCL for more than eight years and is another valued member of the company providing administrative support. In her role, Myra has daily interactions with a wide variety of the company’s stakeholders.
The local team has been further bolstered by the appointments of senior project officer Genevieve Itta and communications adviser Eric Tapakau, who are both extremely familiar with the central Panguna project area.
The team is led by BCL executive manager Justin Rogers who is also well-known in Bougainville.


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